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 the k9 kavalry pack 

4 member types

the kavalry veteran


In service to their canine, the K9 Kavalry Veteran is on a mission to better understand the dog-handler relationship in an effort to properly direct behaviors that better serve wartime injuries. The end result is a service dog that is custom tuned to the veteran. The veterans in the pack have access to many exclusive features like group chats, training videos, peer counseling, live and virtual lessons, and the occasional care package. 


K9K requires Veterans to put as much work into themselves as they do with their dog. Each member of the pack, handler and dog alike, are challenged together as a team. Their successes together form a foundation for approaching life together. They thrive.


leadership skills

The K9 Kavalry curriculum blends operant and classical conditioning into a specialized communication model for the Dog and its Veteran. We focus on the relationship, the core of which becoming a foundation for building the team’s leadership, confidence, and trust.

the kavalry dog


In service to their matched Veteran, Kavalry dogs utilize trust, confidence, and ability to reach a level of support bigger than themselves. We train, learn, interact, and study alone, during instruction, and with each other with the intention of enhancing our dog’s natural abilities in a way that benefits the specific needs of its Veteran’s service connected disabilities.


Everything is a distraction for a dog. Kavalry dogs learn the importance of obedience in the face of these distractions. Training that focuses in on maintaining focus and responding quickly to commands helps build confidence in the dog, which results in passive impulse control. 



It's easy to lure a dog to do a thing. But it's a whole new level to get your dog to WANT to do a thing. K9K Training focuses in on communication and relationship building to help build cognition in the dog, which results in voluntary compliance. 

the kavalry donor


Nobody kicks ass without tanker gas. And gas isn't cheap these days. Thant's why we are grateful for our proud sponsors who have consistently supported us with much needed funds to get our program in the air. Our many partnerships with the various organizations that care about serving veterans as sincerely as we do have been a major part of our growth and development behind the scenes. For more information on partnering with K9 Kavalry, please consider reaching out to us here


All donations are IRS tax deductible using EIN 83-4410996. Not all non-profits are built the same. K9 Kavalry is a charity that you can be proud of when you tell people that you are part of the pack.


Rear window of partner Colorado Motorsport's car after Oregon Trail Rally 2022


Local community giving programs helps veterans not only access the kinds of assistance they require, but they often lead to less tangible benefits like respect and recognition in and amongst their daily life.  

the kavalry supporter


Not all donations come as money. In fact, K9 Kavalry considers its collective resources and talents its biggest asset. Utilizing not just the trained skills our warriors bring with them into the pack, we also activate volunteers in many different agencies, fields, and professions. We know your time is valuable, and consider the donation of skills and talents to be a great honor. When asked how you use your superpowers for good, you can tell them about your pack at K9 Kavalry.

donating time

K9 Kavalry always needs boots on the ground. Consider representing us at a farmers market booth. Or maybe help in the construction of our training center. Supporters like you are the fire in our engines.


Construction of K9 Kavalry's training center located in Woodland, Wa.

donating skills

Today's professional world can be quite a minefield. That's why industry professionals from across the country have partnered with K9 Kavlary to offer important services the veterans need.

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