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Well it seems you have found one of our incomplete pages. But don't run off! Because if you made it this far, you should take advantage of a 10% savings on any item in our shop for your trouble. Use coupon code 10K9KForever in the K9K shop applies to any item. 


Still here for more? Okay how about a couple K9K proverbs to use when training your dog.

~ Practiced behavior is established behavior ~

~ The further away, the more they weigh ~

~ Dog's name is a treat, not a cue ~

~ Their mistake is your responsibility ~


You're still here? Geez. Okay, since you love our website so much you might as well go through the service shots of our dogs here and tell us which one is your favorite at Who knows. You might even get an email from the team. Stranger things have happened.    

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